Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken)img_2446

Chicken is grilled, then smothered with a rich coconut based sauce, and then regrilled. More of the rich sauce is poured just before serving. Be warned, despite the mild-looking appearance of this dish, the sauce packs a delicious spicy punch!

Tahu Telur (Tofu Deep Fried with Egg)


One of our favourite dishes, this dish elevates the humble tofu into royalty status. Tofu is dipped in egg and deep fried, then drizzled in a sweet and slightly spicy peanut sauce and then topped with shreds of crunchy cucumber and coarse ground peanuts.

Sup Buntut (Oxtail Stew)img_2554

Tender pieces of oxtail in a rich broth flavoured with herbs and spices simmered for a few hours. Served with chunky pieces of potatoes and carrots.

Daging Rendang (Beef Rendang)


Beef pieces are slowly cooked in a heady sauce of coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger leaves, galangal and other herbs, for at least 4 hours, until the meat is tender and infused with the rich flavour of the sauce. Traditionally, the choice of cooking for tougher cuts of meat, Sinar Pagi uses much tender cuts, resulting in a meat that is not only flavourful but also tender and succulent.

Sambal Chicken


This dish is perfect if you wish to reduce your red meat intake. Mouth wateringly flavourful, everybite of the chicken meat is infused with the rich and aromatic sambal sauce.

Fried Chicken Bumbu


The humble fried chicken is transformed here. We prepare ours with tumeric and a heady blend of herbs and spices, including lemongrass and galangal). Eat it together with the wispy strands that feature in this dish. High chance that you will be back for more.

Marinated Fried Beef


The beef in this dish is specially soaked in coconut water and then fried till crispy and crunchy, then served with our special balado sauce.

Assam Pedas Fish


A staple in every Malay household in Singapore… and possibly Malaysia and Indonesia, this dish is tangy and spicy. Any richness in flavour comes from the choice of fish used. At Sinar Pagi, we serve two versions of this dish: one cooked with  Batang (Spanish Mackeral), and the other with Stingray. Both are equally delicious.

Paru (Lung)


Prepared from the lungs of the cow, this humble dish will transform how you think offal can be served. Pressure cooked till tender, the meat is then flash fried so that it is slightly crunchy on the outside and tender yet chewy on the inside. Smothered in our berlado sauce, you will quickly become a fan of this unusual dish.

Sambal Goreng (Fried Tofu and Tempeh)


Literally translated, Sambal Goreng means fried sauce. However, you will hardly find any sauce in this dish. This delicious tofu based stir fried dish is made of tofu and tempeh (fermented soya beans), fried with chillies and long beans, in a thick sauce prepared from coconut milk, lemongrass and herbs which coats the ingredients once the dish is complete.

Bergedel (Potato cutlets)


Bergedil is the king of side dishes in Malay cuisines. Made of potato, minced meat and a concoction of herbs, dipped in egg and fried, the humble Bergedil is everyone’s favourite.

Sambal Udang (Prawn Sambal)

img_2399 Shrimps cooked in a special spicy sauce. Deliciously piquant it adds a certain oomph to your meal of white rice and condiments. It is recommended that you team this dish with the delicious Sotong Hitam.

Sotong Hitam (Squid in Black Ink)


Fresh squid cooked in its own ink introduces you to a tantalisingly unique taste. Here, we cook ours with a healthy dose of chilli, lemongrass, tomotoes and onions. Pairing this with the Shrimp Sambal is highly recommended.

Sambal Telur (Egg Sambal)


In this dish, hardboiled eggs are first given a flash fry to create a crispy outer layer. They are then drenched in a spicy fresh chilli and onions based sauce. After the Bergedil, this dish is hot side dish favourite.

Sambal Telur Burung (Quails Eggs Sambal)


Quail eggs are first boiled, then cooked in a sambal sauce made of dried chillies. As the sambal is made from dried chillies, the spiciness level of this dish certainly packs and extraordinary punch.

Lemak Daun Singkong (Cassava Leaves in Gravy)


Cassava is a native plant of the tropics and  its roots provides the carbohydrate intake of many communities. The cassava leaves, high in fiber, Vitamins A and B1, essential amino acids, are very popular with rural communities that are familiar with the plant. Here, we cook ours in a coconut milk based gravy that is both rich and slightly spicy.

Sayur Lodeh (Tofu and Vegetables in Gravy)


This dish is a staple in all Malay and Indonesian cuisine. Tofu cakes, tempeh (fermented soya), vegetables (cabbage, carrots and turnips) are cooked in a mild coconut based gravy. A favourite with many of our customers.

Bayam Goreng (Stir Fried Spinach)


Local spinach is stir fried with tofu and chilli slices. We make sure that the spinach still retains its crunch and bite so that it provides you with your daily intake requirement of fibre in a most delicious way.

Sambal Petai (Bitter beans with Sambal)


In folk medicine, petai has been used to treat hypertension, diabetes, and kidney problems. At Sinar Pagi, we cook our petai in a sambal of dried chillies and crispy fried anchovies. Extremely delicious, consider this fair warning that you will find it difficult to hide the fact that you have eaten petai for lunch.

Sambal Kentang (Potato with Sambal)


Wedges of potatoes are deep fried, and then refried in a sauce made of dried chillies and crispy fried anchovies. A good way of getting your carbs and protein in the same mouthful.

Fried Fish Balado


We transform the humble fried fish (ours is normally the Spanish Mackeral) with our sambal berlado which comes in two versions, one with fresh red chillies; and the other with fresh green chillies.