At the Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang, we are committed to ensure the appropriate handling and protection of your personal data and privacy in accordance with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012. To help you understand the purposes for which we use, collect, disclose and process your personal data, please take some time to read the Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang Personal Data Protection Policy.


Terms and Conditions for Consent to Marketing Information and Personal Data Usage

  1. Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang may collect, use, disclose and process your personal data, to provide you with marketing information and materials on services or events provided by the Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore.
  2. Your consent given here will override any registration on the Do Not Call Registry and shall apply to Singapore telephone numbers under your name including new telephone numbers which you may provide Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang from time to time.


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